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Without health you cannot enjoy your wealth.

So it is important that you take steps to improve and maintain your health and wellbeing. According to an ancient 9th Century Sage, Adi Shankara, the body is divided into 3 primary layers:

The 1st layer is the Physical Body. Within the Physical Body there are 3 sub-layers.

  • The 1st sub-layer is the Environment, the outer covering made of food and the energy layer within the body. The environment is really an extension of our physical body as whatever happens in the environment influences us through our 5 senses.
  • The 2nd sub-layer is concerned with the food we eat, therefore emphasizing the fact that it is important that we take care of our body through good food and nutrition.
  • The 3rd sub-layer is the energy that flows within our body so we need to not only feed our body correctly, but also exercise to make sure energy flows freely around our body.

The 2nd layer is the mental layer and this is where yoga, relaxation and meditation come in. With the practices of yoga and relaxation training, you can achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance resulting in calmness, clarity, peace of mind, a sense of wellbeing and enthusiasm for life.

The 3rd layer is our spiritual layer, and this is where meditation comes in. When we meditate we calm the mind and the body and then enjoy the benefits this brings.

I offer products and services which fit into the promotion of a healthy and wealthy lifestyle, and this website brings these together. 

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